Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Filipino Movie Review: Inang Yaya

I wasn't really a Maricel Soriano fan. Of course, all my friends know that I am a certified Sharonian. So when my friends told me that Maricel's new movie -- "Inang Yaya" was very good, I had my doubts. If it's not a Sharon Cuneta movie, how can it be really good? After seeing the movie, my respect for Maricel Soriano soared. And not just for her but ultimately, respect for the Filipino Movie Industry. I was very impressed and saw that there is still hope for the movie industry in the Philippines. Of course there is still the typical Joey De Leon, Dolphy and Ai Ai Delas Alas slapstick, nonsensical movie. Plus all the skin flicks with no plot or story whatsoever. But with "Inang Yaya," I was both moved and immersed back into my Filipino roots.

Indeed, the movie is very moving. It represents what is really happening nowadays in Filipino families. How parents raise their children speaking the English language. Parents leaving their children in the care of ‘other people’ so they could both be career oriented and support their grandiose life. Not that I’m saying that something is wrong with that, in fact, I am pro working moms. My mom is one of them. But she made sure that we understood that she is working for us, her children. And there is no doubt in my mind that she raised us very well. It is just sad to see how the child is sometimes more drawn to her nanny than her own mom.

Maricel’s character, is trapped with the reality of caring for her own child, and giving the same love and attention to her ‘alaga’. She did a great portrayal of being an ‘Ina’ and a ‘Yaya’ as well.

The movie also reflects the need of people to make a choice given circumstances. It is really touching to see how the two young girls struggled to share the love and care of the woman whom they both love. For the Filipino values it contain, great cinematography and good script, I say watch it...its sure is worth your time!


Anonymous said...

I watched this film alone in manila during my vacation in manila.. SM pa ata. I never cry in movies.. this one really made me cry.

kailan nyo pinanood? i'll get the dvd on sunday.
I was surprised you even tagged clips of the film in your blog. I guess you really liked it. What I can I say marcel fan ka na rin. See u soon!

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