Monday, October 22, 2007

Hottest Night Ever!

So last night, I went to HIRO. As expected, there were a lot of hot shirtless guys gyrating their ripped, muscled, sweaty bodies to great house music. After a couple of hours, I got tired and since its a work day the next day i headed home around 230am. Naturally, I took a cab coz it was late and I was exhausted from turning down all the hot boys that were flirting with me. So i got the first cab that i saw. And so here comes the juicy story.


Cab Driver - around 196 years old, Middle Eastern, Shaggy hair (as in Shagilid na lang ang buhok)
Francis - hot asian boy (simple yet precise description)

CAB DRIVER: So did you come from the Gay Club?


CAB DRIVER: Are you single?

FRANCIS: Uhmmm...Yes

CAB DRIVER: Why? You are cute!

FRANCIS: Uhmmmmmmmmm...I havent found the right one (echos)

CAB DRIVER: I'm gay too

FRANCIS: lunok

CAB DRIVER: Why dont you sit here in front

FRANCIS: Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Im good here. Thanks!

CAB DRIVER: Do you live alone?

FRANCIS: (kaba)

CAB DRIVER: I can give you massage. I give good massage!

FRANCIS: (lunok at kaba)

CAB DRIVER: Don't be scared.

FRANCIS: Im ok. Thanks. Im just tired. Let me know when we are there. (pikit and quiet)