Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hooker is in the House!

Harvard Univeristy

I want to be a student again.

After an exhausting day as a tourist in Boston. We wanted to end the fun day with alcohol. Of course! Hehehe! We also wanted to go see Harvard University. Thus we hit two birds with one stone. Get drinks at a nearby pub in Harvard Square.

I suddenly realized that its been quite a while since i finished college. Well, not that long ago since im just turning 23 (ahem). Being around those college students, winding down during the long weekend made me realize how i wanted to go back to school. But of course the issue of money, time and all the other responsibilities i have rushed in. So, i guess its out of the question for now.

Did you know, according to the Harvard tradition, touch the left food of Mr. Harvard and you would get wiser? Or on the other hand make your hand smell like dried pee. Coz some students pee on the foot as a prank to all those who would dream of becoming smarter by touching the foot of a statue. Sheez.

At the end of the day, I think we all felt a bit smarter. I fell more in love with Boston. I usually just go to Boston whenever I feel stressed out by New York City. But now, I know there is a place to relax, see good friends and have a genuinely good time by just walking around and learning about new things.

Fung Wah Bus Fare - $15.00
Cold Bottle of Water - $1.00
Fun in Boston - PRICELESS!

Labor Day Weekend in Boston

With absolutely no plans of leaving the city for the long weekend, I just started packing and decided to go to Boston. I used my new friend, Matthew who is visiting from South Africa to push my lazy ass to brave the 4 hour travel via Fung Wag Bus lines to the exotic city of Boston, Massachusetts.

I dont think I have ever seen the tourist spots of Boston. So with Mikey's great thinking, we decided to become tourists in Boston. Complete with a digital camera and those pesky peace signs in all photos. (im kidding)

We visited Massachusetts State House, Harvard, Cheers Restaurant and a million other tourist spots all over the city.