Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Chubby to Hot!

Carlo Guevarra, all at 5-foot-9-inches, now stands taller than ever as he was proclaimed the male winner of Be Bench Model Search held last night, September 11, 2007 at the Araneta Coliseum. Who would have thought that this hunk was once such a chubby guy?

A bit of inspiration for those who want to slim down a bit. It's not something to be included in the script of Mission Impossible 92, it can be done. Just a bit of diet, exercise and sacrifice!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy Sky Diving!

It was exhilarating!

Mikey asked me one day on yahoo chat if i wanted to go sky diving. Without even thinking about it, i instantly typed back -- YES! It was something ive always wanted to do, or rather always thought i wanted to do but didnt really have the courage to do so. Thanks to Mikey, ive done it!

I was psyched to do it a couple of weeks ago, but due to bad weather and extreme winds, our scheduled jump was postponed. It was ok though, because of the winds, we might land somewhere in Wisconsin or Iowa. So it was cool, i guess.

We trekked back to Boston last Sunday, November 11. It was 29 degrees when we left the house. It was freakingly cold and we didnt know how on earth could we jump in this weather. But we went there, signed up, went through a quick seminar and we were off. The plane was a tiny aircraft, fit for just 5 people, squeezed in real tight. We donned our suits, put on the harness and then hooked up with our instructor (errr by hooked up i really mean getting hooked up to them literally! lol!).

It was time to jump. Mikey was first. I saw them jump and do a dive in the air. F*ck it was so scary! I started hyperventilating. I couldnt move nor jump. My instructor, Paul, forced my feet to the airplane step and didnt even bother asking if i was ready. He just pushed his body weight on me and after a second, we jumped off the plane. Yeah, jumped off the plane falling 120 mph over a 10,000 feet from the ground. I finally knew how it feels to fly. Cold wind was blowing on my face. Then the parachute opened. Paul asked if i wanted to maneuver the chute and reluctantly i said yes. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

And then we were back in the ground. Wow! You kids should try sky diving. Its something quite memorable!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Virginia Macapili Tumulak

Finally! I have been longing to see this girl for a long time. She's almost the same tiny and fragile looking girl I knew in college. But deep inside, I can sense that she has blossomed into a fine young woman, wife and mother. It was all fun and games with us in college, but amidst all those, Virg was still able to maintain excellent grades plus be active in the La Salle Dance Troupe. Now, I dont have any doubt that she'll raise Akia the best way she knows. Especially with the help of her Mamang, who also stayed with me in my tiny apartment. Mamang's sense of humor was awesome! She also bakes a kick ass fruitcake!!!

I miss you Virg! Come back! Come back! (to the tune of Rose, from the movie, Titanic)


I checked my email and found this really sad email from my friend Sal. Her cat, Kenny died. And for all the parents of 4-legged furry babies, you would really feel how much it hurts to lose your baby. It makes me teary eyed every time i read it. I just wanted to share this with you guys. I will miss Kenny. He's one great cat!

My cat Kenny died today. Todd and I got home around 9pm and we found his lifeless body on the floor. His body was already stiff so he must have died during the day. I didn't see any signs of his failing health as he has been acting very normal and seemed like he was getting better since he was released from the hospital over a month ago. He even had his wet food this morning.

I am very sad but in a way relieved that it happened this way. This is how I had envisioned him to pass away. He most likely had a heart attack because of his poor heart condition. I have a good feeling he passed away quickly and peacefully.

I feel good about my decision to prolong Kenny's life and if I had to go through this again, I would make the same decisions I've made for him then.

I will bring his body to the cremation place first thing tomorrow morning. I plan to put the urn where we can all be with him, probably in our bedroom.

Goodbye Kenny. Thank you for the good memories you've given us for 4 years. Keep that feisty spirit within you and as you cross the rainbow bridge, remember that Mommy loves you so much and will miss you with all her heart.


My New Home...

Its been a year since I moved to New York City. I moved in with my best friend, Leo, who graciously accommodated me in his super tiny apartment in the upper west side. When i say "tiny," i really mean it. Its like a size of a small room which is good for only one person. But since i didnt really have a choice, we were able to stand living together for a month and a half. Leo went to Europe and I stayed there for the next 10 months. Leo is back and we decided to get a two bedroom apartment. We were thinking if we survived living together in that uber tiny place, I guess we could endure each other if we have our own rooms.

It was a rigorous 3-week apartment hunting. From long subway rides, scary neighborhoods, run down apartments, to cold and wet weather, Leo and I went through all those to finally find Apartment 403 in the Upper Upper West Side otherwise known as Harlem.

We've spent the past 2 weeks moving our stuff, buying furniture, spending 7 hours in Ikea, maxing out credit cards, unpacking and cleaning the new place from top to bottom. Its slowly becoming the "home" we envisioned it to be. Even now, it feels good to be there. Its the closest I can get to having a place I call home.

Zac Efron *sigh*

Victoria Beckham

She's actually a good singer. The song seems weird at first, but it has a good story. And it kinda catches your attention after a while. Check it out...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Boo! My Halloween Mishap...

So its that time of the year again when people go crazy and dress up in costumes. This is my first Halloween in New York City. Technically its my second but I won't count 2006 coz i was dead poor that time. I was so broke that I stayed home most the time for 3 months and was only leaving the apartment for job interviews. Anyways, so I go with my friend Yang to Chelsea to see hot boys in their lycra pants and sexy shirtless costumes. Yang was wearing a very original costume. Something from an asian comic book character, which he himself cannot remember the name.

It was a fun night. Perfect weather to have a parade and to just walk the streets and take photos of very creative costumes (ok, fine, we went boy watching too!). We also went to RUSH, where we danced the night away, as they always say.

So it was 2am and we, along with our fellow halloween revelers were waiting for the train in the subway. Since I just moved to a new apartment I had to look at the subway map to figure out whats the best connection to get to my new place. As I was staring intently at the map, a shadow was cast over my right shoulder, he apparently was trying to get a good view of the map as well. Instinctively, I glanced towards that direction and to my surprise it was this scary mask of death!

I dont know. It may have been that its 2am, and that im cold, tired and hungry. Or maybe it was just that I was focusing too much on the map. But I completely forgot that it was the night when people do dress up in costumes, and that their costumes can be sometimes scary. So as I glanced at this mystery person, I let out this loud scream of fear and shock. Amidst all the people waiting for the train.

Yes. It was embarrassing. Totally.

After the initial shock. Yang burst into this uncontrollable rage of laughter. Of course I got over the embarrassment and laughed at myself too. We asked Mr. Death for a photo. Yang had to make sure that we got this photo to remember this fateful night. Thanks Yang!

Happy Birthday Ralph!

Blast from the Past...Central Park, New York City 2006

Top & Bottom in New York!

Top & Bottom, the super funny play that I did in Los Angeles and Proveincetown, was one of the finalists for the New York Theatre Festival. Yey! I hope T&B would have a full run in NY soon!

Anderson Cooper *sigh*

Adam Levine *sigh*

Just can't help but post this...


"I am looking for someone who i can call my own and who would love and accept me for who i am. Sigh, its hard to be single for almost 1 year and 9 months. anyone here who wants to be serious? i am so tired of playing games. anyone here who i can call my own, who i can take care of and love and be with for a long time!!! if that is you leave me a message with your number and ill text you back right away"

-- Uhmmmm....ok! If only it was that easy to find love. Just imagine posting an ad looking for true love. Then your true love would just message you back confirming that yes, he is your one and only true love...your destiny. Then everything will be great, the world will be filled with rainbows, puppies, balloons and non-fat, sugar-free, chocolate chip cookies! But holy freaking molly! It aint that easy. I know i shouldn't really make fun of this ad that I saw on one of the online networking sites, but i just couldn't help it. I know it makes me really evil to pose his photo. Oh well. At least I know im evil for doing that.